East End Babylon (18)

Release Date: 08/11/2012

East End Babylon 4

East End Babylon (18)

The story of London’s toughest and poorest part as told through the eyes of its punk band.

From the bombs that flew in World War II and from the greatest industrial docks the world ever saw, to the formation of the original and best Terrace Band of them all, the battles, living outside the law, the wilderness years of both the band and the area that spawned them, and eventually to the rebirth and transformation of the band into a worldwide cult, this is the rockumentary to beat them all.

Director: Richard England

Starring: Cockney Rejects

Distributor: Music Film Network

Locations: Key Cities

Format: 2D

Film Website: http://www.eastendbabylon.co.uk/

Film Wikipedia: N/A

Film IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2304617/

Film Trailer

DVD Release Trailer

Cockney Rejects Interview 1981

Cockney Rejects Interview 2012

Doc’n Roll Festival – East End Babylon: Cockney Rejects Q&A

East End Babylon 1

East End Babylon 2

East End Babylon 3

East End Babylon 5


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