Joy Of Six, The (15)

Release Date: 09/11/2012

Joy Of Six 2

Joy Of Six, The (15)

The Joy of Six , a half-dozen short films released as a programme as part of the New British Cinema Quarterly, designed to showcase the work of British film-makers.

Peter Mullan appears in Douglas Hart’s Long Distance Information as an aggressive father disturbed by a telephone call from an estranged son on Christmas Day. Judi Dench amusingly plays a romantically-inclined silver-surfer in Chris Foggin’s Friend Request Pending, in which she shows a grasp of social networking protocols that belies her age. And Romola Garai, star of The Hour, writes and directs Scrubber, about a young girl’s voyage of sexual discovery which begins unexpectedly when her babysitter doesn’t turn up.

Director: Chris Foggin, Romola Garai, Douglas Hart, Will Jewell, Matthew Holness, Dan Sully

Starring: Dame Judi Dench, Peter Mullan, Luke Treadaway

Distributor: Soda Pictures

Locations: Key Cities

Format: 2D

Film Website: N/A

Film Wikipedia: N/A

Film IMDB Page: N/A

Film Trailer

Joy Of Six 1




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