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This Site Is Presently Under Construction. We Will Have A Formal Launch Date Soon!

Film Dialogue is a forum for anyone with interest in cinema and film history.

From Nickelodeons and Lumiere Brothers through Hollywood gangster films and musicals to Marvel Superheros, cinema has attracted audiences and hardcore fans for over 120 years.

Moving pictures communicate through a variety of forms and genres and provide us with a vision of life.

Every film has a message and will cause a reaction.

Film Dialogue is here to provide a forum where those experiences can be freely shared.

Join us and share your views, introduce us to a film you discovered, provoke a discussion, and argue with us about those you dislike the most.

Film Dialogue


Our Film Blog/Magazine with articles, guides, discussion forums and live streaming.

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Our daily film news on all industry related

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Our library of articles and podcasts on film

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Our film library with rare audio and video clips. Film history related documentaries and interviews.

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Our large album of photographs and film posters. Also with articles and websites for live streaming.


Hitchcock Promo 1

Ingrid Bergman 1

Bergman 1

Vivien Leigh 1

Ford John 1

Persona Bergman 1

Ozu Yasujiro 1

Gish Lillian 1

Howard Hawks 1

Barbara Stanyck 1

Godard 1

Joan Crawford - by George Hurrell 1935

Chaplin 1

Norma Shearer 8

Fritz Lang

Hepburn Katherine 2

Griffith d w 1

Davis Bette 2

Bresson Robert 1



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