Sons Return, The (1909)

Mary Pickford 1

Mary Pickford Season: FD Cinematheque

The Son’s Return (1909)

Director: D W Griffith

Cast: Mary Pickford, Charles West, Herbert Prior, Anita Hendrie, Harry Solter, Arthur V Johnson, David Miles, Frank Powell, Billy Quirk, Edwin August, Charles Avery

11 min

DW Griffith 2

D W Griffith


The Son’s Return is a silent short film made in 1909 and directed by D W. Griffith . Produced and distributed by the Biograph Company , the film – shot in Coytesville, New Jersey – was released in theaters June 14, 1909.

Turns out to be the first film adaptation of a novel by Guy de Maupassant [1] .


The son leaves home to go to town to seek his fortune. After many years, back in the parents’ inn that did not recognize him but, noting his bulging portfolio of notes, plan to rob the unknown customer.


The film was produced by the Biograph Company. He was shot in New Jersey to Coytesville and Leonia .

Sons Return 3


Distributed by the Biograph Company, the film – a short film in a coil – was released in US theaters on June 14, 1909. The film was mastered and poured on DVD. Released in 2006 by Grapevine, it has been included in an anthology titled DW Griffith, Director – Volume 3 (1909) which has a dozen titles for a total of 112 minutes [2] .


  1. ^ According to the ‘ IMDb
  2. ^ Silent was DVD

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