Narrow Road, The (1912)

Mary Pickford 1

Mary Pickford Season: FD Cinematheque

The Narrow Road (1912)

Director: D W Griffith

Cast: Mary Pickford, Elmer Booth, Charles Hill Mailes, Jack Pickford, Christy Cabanne, Max Davidson, Grace Henderson, Adolph Lestina, Alfred Paget, Harry Hyde, Frank Evans

17 Min

DW Griffith 2

D W Griffith

Narrow Road The 7


The Narrow Road is a 1912 short silent film directed by D. W. Griffith and produced and distributed by the Biograph Company.[1]

A short Biograph film preserved from the Library of Congress paperprint collection.[2]

Narrow Road The 6


other cast

Narrow Road The 5


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  2. Jump up^ Catalog of Holdings The American Film Institute Collection and The United Artists Collection at The Library of Congress p. 125 c.1978 by The American Film Institute

Narrow Road The 4

Narrow Road The 3

Narrow Road The 2

Narrow Road The 1


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