Gentlemen of the Press (1929)

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Gentlemen of the Press (1929)


Gentlemen of the Press 3

Gentlemen of the Press 2

Director: Millard Webb

Cast: Walter Huston, Kay Francis, Charles Ruggles, Betty Lawford, Norman Foster, Duncan Penwarden, Lawrence Leslie, Harry Lee, Brian Donlevy, Victor Killian

80 min

Gentlemen of the Press is a 1929 all-talking film starring Walter Huston in his first feature film role and Kay Francis in her first film role. The film still survives. This film’s copyright has expired and it is now in the public domain. It survives in a copy sold to MCA for television distribution.[1]

The film is based on Ward Morehouse’s 1928 Broadway play Gentlemen of the Press.[2]

Gentlemen of the Press 5



Gentlemen of the Press 4




Not released on DVD



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