Interference (1928)

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Interference (1928)

Interference 1

Interference 2

Interference 3

Interference 14

Director: Lothar Mendes (silent version), Roy Pomeroy ( sound version)

Cast: Evelyn Brent, Clive Brook, William Powell, Doris Kenyon, Brandon Hurst, Tom Ricketts, Louis Payne, Wilfred Noy, Donald Stuart, Raymond Lawrence, Clyde Cook

84 min

Interference 10

Interference is an early sound film drama released in 1928 and starring William Powell and Evelyn Brent.

This was Paramount Pictures‘ first ever full talking movie. It was also simultaneously filmed as a silent.

The film was based on the play Interference, a Play in Three Acts by Roland Pertwee and Howard Dearden. When a first husband turns out not to be dead, blackmail leads to murder.[1]

Interference 4


Interference 6

Interference 5


  1. Jump up^ Interference at database (released in silent and sound versions)

Interference 8

Interference 9

Interference 12

Interference 13

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