Flirtation (1934)

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Flirtation (1934)

Flirtation 1

Flirtation 2

Director: Leo Birinsky

Cast: Jeanette Loff, Ben Alexander, Arthur Tracy, Emma Dunn, Franklin Pangborn, Al K Hall, Cissy Fitzgerald, Helen McKellar, William Pawley, Corky

58 min

Flirtation 3


When Dudley, a young man from the country, comes to the city with his dog “Corky,” he falls in love with an actress named Nancy.

Dudley loses Corky, but when the dog shows up and causes a disruption while Nancy is singing onstage, she is fired. A short time later, Nancy discovers that her mother, who has been led to believe that Nancy is happily married with a baby, is coming to town. To maintain the deception, Nancy convinces Dudley to pretend to be her husband and “borrows” a baby.

The ruse is soon discovered, but by then Nancy and Dudley have fallen in love. Nancy then marries Dudley and they move to his home in the country.

Flirtation 4

Jeanette Loff Jeanette Loff
Ben Alexander Ben Alexander
Arthur Tracy Arthur Tracy
Emma Dunn Emma Dunn
Franklin Pangborn Franklin Pangborn
Al K. Hall Al K. Hall
Cissy Fitzgerald Cissy Fitzgerald
Helen MacKellar Helen MacKellar
Mrs. Smith – the Baby’s Mother
William Pawley William Pawley
Corky Corky
Dudley’s Dog
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ernie Adams Ernie Adams
The Crook (uncredited)
Tommy Bupp Tommy Bupp
The Baby (uncredited)
Billy Franey Billy Franey
Minor Role (uncredited)
Mary Gordon Mary Gordon
Woman on a Window (uncredited)
Kit Guard Kit Guard
Man Outside Theatre (uncredited)
Fay Holderness Fay Holderness
Woman on a Window (uncredited)
Hattie McDaniel Hattie McDaniel
Minor Role (uncredited)
Lee Moran Lee Moran
Stage Manager (uncredited)
Tempe Pigott Tempe Pigott
Flower Woman (uncredited)

Flirtation 6

Flirtation 5

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