Hearts of Humanity (1932)

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Hearts of Humanity (1932)

Hearts of Humanity 1

Hearts of Humanity 2

Director: Christy Cabanne

Cast: Jean Hersholt, Jackie Searl, J Farrell Macdonald, Claudia Dell, Charles Delaney, Lucille LaVerne, Richard Vallace, George Humbert, Betty Jane Graham

56 min


Irish policeman Tom O’Hara is killed by a thief in Sol Bloom’s antique store, but before he dies, he asks widower Sol to take care of his son Shandy, who will be arriving soon from Europe.

Sol’s own son Joey is streetwise and uncontrollable, although Sol has reared him lovingly. Sol adopts Shandy and treats him like his own son, and Shandy reciprocates with love and helpfulness. Shandy looks after Joey, who is continually getting into trouble.

Hearts of Humanity 3

When Joey steals a dollar from his father’s cash register, Shandy pawns the harp his mother gave him to replace the money so Joey will not get into trouble. When Joey breaks a neighbor’s window, Shandy offers to pay the owner ten dollars so he will not tell Sol, however he is unable to get his harp back because it has been sold.

Desperate, Shandy asks the new owner to lend it to him, and then steals it when the owner refuses. He wins a ten dollar prize performing in an amateur night contest, but is so guilt-ridden about having stolen the harp that he wanders aimlessly in the rain. Shandy takes ill and is brought home by a policeman. Joey reforms and prays for Shandy’s recovery. Joey’s improvement bolsters Shandy, who recovers, and the harp’s owner returns the harp to Shandy.

Hearts of Humanity 4

Cast (in credits order)

Jean Hersholt Jean Hersholt
Jackie Searl Jackie Searl
Shandy O’Hara
J. Farrell MacDonald J. Farrell MacDonald
Tom O’Hara
Claudia Dell Claudia Dell
Ruth Sneider
Charles Delaney Charles Delaney
Tom Varney
Lucille La Verne Lucille La Verne
Mrs. Sneider
Richard Wallace Richard Wallace
Joey Bloom (as Dick Wallace)
George Humbert George Humbert
Betty Jane Graham Betty Jane Graham
John Vosper John Vosper
Dave Haller (as John Vosburgh)
Tom McGuire Tom McGuire
Mr. Wells
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Suzanne Wood Suzanne Wood

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