Money Means Nothing (1934)

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Money Means Nothing (1934)

Money Means Nothing 1

Director: Christy Cabanne

Cast: Wallace Ford, Edgar Kennedy, Gloria Shea, Vivien Oakland, Maidel Turner, Betty Blythe, Eddie Tamblyn, Richard Tucker, Tenen Holtz, Ann Brody

70 min

Money Means Nothing 2


When Julie Ferris, a wealthy young woman searching for excitement, goes slumming at Joe’s Roadside Inn, she notices a group of shady men and follows them in her car. After trailing them for a distance, Julie crashes into their car as they are hijacking two trucks carrying tires. In the ensuing scuffle, the thieves shoot one of the trucks’ drivers, Red Miller, and threaten Julie. Ken McKay, the other driver, protects and rescues Julie, and she immediately falls in love with him. Although her sister Helen and rich brother-in-law George disapprove, Julie marries Ken and moves to Brooklyn.

While determined to make the marriage work, Julie is nonetheless unprepared for her new neighbors, the boorish, nosy Greens. After the Greens crash Julie’s birthday dinner, Herbert Green, who is Ken’s boss at the auto parts store, is told by his overbearing wife that Julie’s snobbish family insulted him. As revenge, Herbert lies to his district manager that Ken has been tipping off the still active hijackers.

Money Means Nothing 3

Fired, Ken has no luck in finding another job and contemplates making the now pregnant but devoted Julie return to her family when Red Miller, who has opened his own tire store, hires him. In cahoots with the hijackers, Red forces an unsuspecting Ken to help him steal more tire shipments, but Herbert, on a tip from Julie, figures out the plan and calls the police. In the end, the thieves are caught, and a repentant Herbert promises Ken a new job. Thus saved, the newlyweds reaffirm their belief that money means nothing.

Money Means Nothing 4


Wallace Ford Wallace Ford
Gloria Shea Gloria Shea
Julie Ferris McKay
Edgar Kennedy Edgar Kennedy
Herbert Green
Vivien Oakland Vivien Oakland
Helen Whitney (as Vivian Oakland)
Maidel Turner Maidel Turner
Mrs. Kerry Green
Betty Blythe Betty Blythe
Mrs. Ferris
Eddie Tamblyn Eddie Tamblyn
Robert ‘Robby’ Ferris (as Edward Tamblyn)
Richard Tucker Richard Tucker
George Whitney
Tenen Holtz Tenen Holtz
Mr. Silverman
Ann Brody Ann Brody
Mrs. Silverman
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Irving Bacon Irving Bacon
Navy Secretary (scenes deleted)
Ernie Adams Ernie Adams
Lead Hijacker (uncredited)
Sam Flint Sam Flint
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Douglas Fowley Douglas Fowley
Red Miller (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten Olaf Hytten
Parsons – the Butler (uncredited)
Jack Kenney Jack Kenney
Hijacker-Driver (uncredited)
Jack Norton Jack Norton
Jack – Hijacker (uncredited)
Lee Phelps Lee Phelps
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Harry Semels Harry Semels
Toy Vendor (uncredited)
Bert Young Bert Young
Jim – Driver Shot in Leg (uncredited)

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