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Classic Films Streaming on Film Dialogue Channel

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We have some exciting news to share with all of our readers!

Last month we had successfully tested a new platform on Rabbit which will enable us to screen a variety of classic films in real time.

In addition to our already popular Cinematheque Live, from 1st of March 2018 we will be screening a selection of classic films. They will be streamed in our Film Dialogue Room on Rabbit.

Charley Chase 4

We love watching, discussing and analysing films and for the first time, our screenings will give us an opportunity to discuss everything in real time. You will need to have your audio/video enabled in order to participate.

Our screenings will be scheduled and organised in a Film Season format.

Our current Film Seasons are:

  • Pre Code Films
  • Film Noir
  • Silent Classics
  • Classic Comedy
  • Animation Greats
  • Experimental Films
  • Film History Documentaries


Some of our screenings will have special guests, introductions and post-screening discussions.

Let us know if there are any other Film Seasons that you may wish to see. Also if there are any particular films that you would like to watch and discuss with us.

We hope you will enjoy our new format for watching and discussing films! See you in our Film Dialogue Room very soon!

To join us for the scheduled screenings please click on the link below:

Daniel B Miller

Film Dialogue

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Experiemnetal Film Posters 1

Hollywood Pioneers 1

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